BaByLiss HSB100H - Liss Brush 3D

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  • Brand: Babyliss
  • Product Code: HSB100H
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The rigid plastic external comb will gently comb your hair without damaging it or pulling it. For more efficiency, the silicone bristles position the hair just closer to heating element without grabbing it. The ceramic heating system allows homogeneous heat distribution for flawless straightening.
The adjustable temperature LED indicator 160°C, 180°C and 200°C is suitable for all hair types. Thanks to the rectangular design, the straightening is quicker and more efficient than with an oval brush.|
Ions generators will eliminates static electricity, and make your hair shiny without frizz.
Straightening has never been so easy !


  • Rectangular Design
    For quicker and more efficient straightening than with classic oval brushes
  • 34 Rigid Plastic External Bristles
    For Gentle Combing 
  • 50 Silicone Bristles
    To posistion the hair just closer to heating element
  • 42 Ceramic Bristles and Heating System
    For performing and flawless straightening
  • 3 LED Temperatures Indicators
    160OC / 180OC / 200OC, For all hair types
  • IONS Generators

  • Frizz control, eliminates static electricity
1 Year

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