Vitantonio - Twistea Tea Infuser / Tea Tumbler

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"TWISTEA “ here is a design combining a teapot and a tumbler.

Although the Japanese have been developing a coffee culture for the last 100 years, most Westerners tend to equate Japan with tea. And for a good reason: tea is still a big deal in Japan, from the powdered matcha used in sado (the tea ceremony) to the standard nihoncha (green tea) served pretty much everywhere and a permanent feature of the omnipresent vending machines. If you are a little more demanding when it comes to tea, though, you should bypass the machines, sit on a bench and take a sip from your very own portable teapot: the Twistea Tea Infuser.
Perfectly designed and impeccably crafted, the Twistea Tea Infuser is a marvel of Japanese ingenuity: you just put the tea leaves in the top part with the strainer, screw the lid on, turn it upside down, pour in the hot water, screw the other lid, turn it upside down once again, and that's it! 380ml of tea of any kind ready in your bag, waiting to refresh you the next time you need a break. Perfect for everyday use, day trips or even longer travels, its convenient size makes it practically invisible!
Set teapot, tea compartment, cup function as a whole, heat insulation, Japanese design can control the base of both shimmery tea shades, to ensure that each brew is drunk to a moderate concentration of tea.

The Twistea Tea Infuser features:

  • 2 in 1 Tea bottle and tumbler (TWISTEA), to use at anytime anywhere.
  • The bottle is made of double layer that you can hold safely when you drink hot tea, and also will prevent condensation caused by iced drinks.
  • Keeps the tea leaves inside the bottle, so you can add more water to easily enjoy a second tea cup.
  • Color : Red, green, brown.
  • Size : 67 x 67 x 205mm
  • Capacity : 380ml
  • Can be used with tea bags too. Perfect for both hot (Max.100℃) and cold drinks (Min.-20℃).
  • BPA free material: Bottle>Tritan (Saturated polyester resin), Cap> Polypropylene, Filter> Stainless.

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